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FeaturesThe Features of Field Assistant

Dynamic Job Routing

Route your jobs through approximation and drive time based on historic traffic patterns in your area. Allow your route manager to project the most efficient routing strategies. If you receive a new job during the day, you can append it to the closest crew without interrupting their day, still projecting out when they’ll finish for the day.

Real Time Client Notifications

In this day in age, communication is key. Our real time capabilities allow to notify the client as soon as the crew marks the job complete. An email or text is instantly sent, giving them ease that their work was taken care of.

Crew Tracking

Our intuitive database connects directly with standard vehicle tracking devises and syncs them with Google maps and Waze. Understand where your crews at any point in time for strong admin control.

Measure Client Properties

Measure your entire client list to accurately price services based on lawn square footage. Highlight the lawn areas you are going to treat, and avoid mulch beds, trees, sheds and other non-treatable areas on the property. This is perfect if you are looking to market offers to your clients.

Capacity Planning

Project out the work you have based on work that is already done. Using that comparison, you can plan how much staff you need to base on your future capacity. Avoid overtime, catch up on gains.

Control Profitability

We give you the tools to understand where your gains and losses are occurring in your jobs, and by the crew. With the data at your finger tips, you can adjust your crews to reach higher profitability.

Customized to your business

Our team can tailor Field Assistant around your business. All of your programs, services, and pricing can be built right into the system. We can import your current client list and give you the tools to bring every single client up to your standards.

iOS Integration

Field Assistant functions on any iOS device. Send a route to your crews using an iPad or iPhone to complete the day’s work. The crew manager has the ability to adjust any crew’s route without interrupting their day. Crews can receive urgent messages about the details of a property such as pets or a gate code. Additionally, crews can write their production notes, skip jobs, and mark them as complete, instantly notifying the client.

More than 5,000 properties serviced

Field Assistant makes it easy to manage your loyal clients.

5817 Properties Serviced
60 Crews Managed
227 IOS user
54 Field Assistant Users

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